Elon Musk Replies To SnailMoon

He started a space company or something.

Elon Musk Replies To SnailMoon

Today, the SnailMoon team was alerted that someone named Elon Musk, who apparently started a space company or something, responded to one of our articles on Twitter.

After the community assured us this was a big deal, the team decided this was worth tweeting about for the next several hours.

Internal bickering has started as to how much an Elon acknowledgment is worth.

“10x minimum,” stated one community member.  

“50x or I quit,” another said.

“20x for a like, 100x for a retweet,” exclaimed a third, more ambitious fanboy, adding “A 2x multiplier for a tilted laughing emoji is not uncommon.”

While the bickering was overwhelming the Telegram chat, some guy who started something called Dogecoin liked one of our comments.

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