What is SnailMoon?

What is it? How did it get here? Wen moon? All your questions answered in this handy explainer.

What is SnailMoon?

SnailMoon is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

At it's core, SnailMoon is a parody of SafeMoon. We hold no ill will towards SafeMoon or their holders, they're just very meme-able.

We like to post satirical articles to help get our message out there.

What does SnailMoon mean?

SnailMoon is the ingenious combination of the words Snail and Moon.

Snail meaning we're going slow and moon meaning we're going to moon (not financially of course).

SnailMoon (noun)

Pronunciation: /ˈsneɪlmuːn/

SnailMoon 🔊


  1. The #1 most useless token on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. A portmanteau of the words "snail" and "moon", chosen for its catchy and memorable name, as well as its association with the slow and steady movement of a snail. Also, the moon.

Example Usage:

  1. "I sold my car and bought SnailMoon, I can't get to work and I have a limited supply of food left in my cupboard."
  2. "My portfolio is now 95% SnailMoon and 5% Subway coupons. I've never been happier!"

How did it get here?

We made it.

How do I buy SnailMoon?

Check out our buying guide here.

Click here for Uniswap.

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Wen Moon?