First SnailMoon Copycat Rugs in Record Time

Hasty investors on the BNB Smart Chain get rugged by a copycat scammer.

First SnailMoon Copycat Rugs in Record Time

Sometimes imitation is seen as a form of flattery, sometimes they just take your branding and use it to steal peoples money.

This time was unfortunately the latter, when a copycat of the official SnailMoon token launched on the BNB Smart Chain.

The imitation token went to a staggering $2000 market-cap before dumping to zero and closing the chat, leaving many investors out of pocket. Less than 7 hours after launch the chat was closed forever.

SnailMoon Copycat Rug

The real SnailMoon remains unharmed but it really does reinforce the idea of doing thorough research before you buy.

If only the investors had considered visiting the website and doing a little bit of reading, they may have avoided the scam and found the real SnailMoon.