Hacker Reveals BitBoy's Password Was "BitBoy"

Over $300,000 has been stolen since the hacker gained access to BitBoy's account.

Hacker Reveals BitBoy's Password Was "BitBoy"

Today, Twitter users woke up to the unfortunate news that popular crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, has had his Twitter account hacked.

The hacker is currently shilling a scam token and redirecting users to a malicious website. As of the time of writing, over $300,000 has been stolen.

Much has been made of online security in the wake of the hack, with many commenting on whether or not BitBoy had two-factor authentication on his account.

However, a more fundamental mistake seems to have been made as it has been revealed by the hacker that BitBoy's password was "BitBoy."

According to sources close to the matter, when Ben attempted to set the account password, Twitter's automated system told him that "BitBoy" was weak and needed strengthening.

BitBoy then spent the next several months in the gym, working to prove himself to Twitter's automated password system.

Despite pleas from his team that that's not what it meant, BitBoy persevered and made an impressive transformation.

Unfortunately, even after Bitboy's strength gains, the 'BitBoy' password was not strong enough for the crafty hackers and they managed to gain access to the account.

Breaking news: BitBoy has regained access to his account and the scam posts have been deleted.

Sources close to BitBoy claim that his team had to stop him from setting his new password as BitBoy1.

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