Ledger Releases T-Shirt Line With Your Seed Phrase On It

The new line will custom print your seed phrase t-shirt and send it directly to your house.

Ledger Releases T-Shirt Line With Your Seed Phrase On It

Ledger has today announced the release of their new t-shirt line that doubles as secure storage for the wearer's seed phrase.

The new print-on-demand service will custom print your t-shirt and send it to you through a special secure courier direct to your house. Ready for you to wear out and about with your friends.

Ledger is using the new hashtag #ShowOffYourSeedPhrase so customers can share and show off their new t-shirts on social media.

For the more security-conscious, Ledger is offering a special t-shirt line whereby you can split your seed phrase across 3 t-shirts, that other people wear for you.

"As long as you and your friends don't all wear the t-shirts on the same day, you'll be totally fine", the Chairman and CEO of Ledger said in a statement.

Skeptical customers are raising questions about the quality of the fabric being used, asking if the new t-shirts are as machine washable as they claim.

Ledger has yet to respond.

Update: Ledger Support responded to us.

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