Swing Trader Hits Tree

The unnamed 28-year-old man escaped relatively unscathed.

Swing Trader Hits Tree

After staying up 27 hours trading swing-trading cryptocurrency, an unnamed 28-year-old male crashed into a tree on his way to buy more Monster energy drinks.

Thankfully, the trader managed to escape unscathed only losing 2 limbs and his no-claims bonus.

After waking up in the hospital, doctors had to break the terrible news that he got liquidated on his leverage trade while he was unconscious, and also that he lost both his legs.

Since his discharge from the hospital, the man has released a statement warning others of the dangers of driving sleep-deprived.

"Don't drive with no sleep, kids. I'm lucky I only lost my legs, thankfully, I can still use my hands to trade. Also don't use leverage."

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