Dev Fixes Price

After a complaint from a Telegram community member, a dev has fixed the price for his project.

Dev Fixes Price

After an outcry on Telegram from a concerned community member, the developer of a not-so-popular meme coin project has finally fixed the price.

"Dev fix price", the investor asked the team.

After hearing the community concerns, the developer lept into action and began inspecting the smart contract code to see what could be done.

After realizing that the contract was renounced and that no magic price tokenomics could be added after launch, the quick-thinking developer moved to plan B - market buying $7,000,000 worth of his own token.

The price subsequently shot up several thousand percent leaving the concerned community member moderately satisfied.

"It was a good job I had $7,000,000 worth of Ethereum laying around in a spare wallet, I'm not sure how I would have fixed the price without it!", the developer told reporters.

The concerned community member couldn't be reached for comment as he sold and left the group immediately after the pump.

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