Crypto Investor Confused By Green Number In His Portfolio

Friends of the investor have been forced to explain what the green numbers and plus sign meant.

Crypto Investor Confused By Green Number In His Portfolio

One cryptocurrency investor has been left so confused by the green numbers appearing in his portfolio that he has been forced to contact CoinMarketCap support for help.

Unable to get a response from support in a timely manner, his friends were forced to sit him down and explain what the plus sign and new green colors meant. He confessed that he had been so caught up in the hype that he hadn't even bothered to learn how the market worked.

"I just bought some coins that sounded cool," he said. "I didn't know that the price could go green. It was red yesterday." the man told reporters. "Although I've now realized the red number means I was losing money so I'm actually down $30,000 - I'm financially ruined."

The investor vowed to do his research before investing in cryptocurrency again. But for now, he's just going to sit back and ape into live new pairs on DexTools, because those are usually the greenest for about 5 minutes.

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