Local Man Gets Job Again

After months of successful crypto trading, one local man returns to work.

Local Man Gets Job Again

After sticking it out through the bear market, the latest crypto drawdown has finally forced one local man to return to gainful employment.

"Crypto is still going great," the local man told reporters.

"But the market is a bit quiet at the moment, so I'm getting a job to keep myself busy. Besides, I've always had an interest in the field of rapid cuisine curation," he continued.

Friends and family, who were previously subjected to relentless monologues about blockchain, NFTs, and the imminent revolution of decentralized finance, are now attempting to hide their smugness behind half-hearted words of encouragement.

The local man's mother said, "I'm over the moon about his new job, which is a lot closer than he ever got with crypto. Perhaps now he can decentralize a portion of his wages and actually pay some rent."

Recent reports suggest that the local man is not alone in his return to the workforce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has allegedly witnessed a staggering 72,000% surge in applicants with a three-year gap in their employment history seeking reentry into the job market.

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