$BEE Token Revealed To Be Honeypot

Experts are warning users to bee extra cautious when investing in shitcoins.

$BEE Token Revealed To Be Honeypot

Users on Ethereum are being asked to take extra care when buying new tokens as it has been revealed that the newly released $BEE token is a honeypot.


  1. A honeypot in crypto refers to a fraudulent project that tricks investors into buying a token that can't be sold.
  2. A pot of honey.

One investor commented that they saw a picture of Barry B. Benson from the Bee Movie, and quickly purchased some $BEE as they "absolutely loved that movie".

"There was no time for research but I saw even more people posting gifs of Barry so I knew there was no chance this could be a scam. Barry wouldn't do that", he continued.

Wanted Scammer: Barry B. Benson

After watching the chart go up for several hours with no sells, he decided it was time to take some profit as he was up 180000%.

To his shock and horror, he was unable to sell his $43,000,000 dollars of $BEE tokens.

Experts are warning users to take extra care when investing in newly released copyright-infringing low-effort shitcoins.

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