SnailMoon Launches 0% Staking

Community members overjoyed as the long anticipated feature finally gets released.

SnailMoon Launches 0% Staking

The SnailMoon team today announced the release of its most highly requested feature.

0% staking.

Users will be able to automatically stake their $SNM simply by holding it in their wallets. All major self-custody cryptocurrency wallets are supported at launch.

SnailMoon CEO Michael Snailor had this to say on Twitter:

"By offering 0% staking rewards, SnailMoon can stay true to its vision of being the #1 most useless token on Ethereum, while still rewarding long term holders."

To participate in SnailMoon's 0% staking, simply buy $SNM (available at all quality retailers in your area) and hold it in your wallet.

When does it launch?


Do my rewards auto-compound?

Yes, rewards will automatically compound in your wallet. No need to re-stake your earnings.

Can I use a real wallet?

No, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

How are staking rewards generated?

Just buy some SnailMoon.

Remember, any website claiming to offer staking is a scam. SnailMoon official staking is automatically done inside your own wallet.

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