1inch Exchange Rebrands to 12inch to Avoid Bullying

No-one's laughing now.

1inch Exchange Rebrands to 12inch to Avoid Bullying

Popular decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch has announced a major rebranding initiative.

The exchange, known for not being Uniswap, has officially changed its name to "12inch" in what it claims is an effort to avoid bullying.

"We're done, we're tired of the comments, and we've not had a female investor in 10 years. It's time for 12inch", a team member said in a statement.

Critics have questioned the change as no update to the performance of the DEX has been announced, with many claiming that the new name is compensating for a lack of volume.

As a result of the rebranding, 1inch is changing the name of all its products. The formally named "1inch wallet" for mobile will now be named the "12inch wallet". The team is asking all users to update the application and get some baggier pants.

Some investors have expressed skepticism about the change, with some users saying the change might be too big.

"1inch was good enough for me, it's a great DEX", said one user.

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