Community Panic Holds

"The last time there was FUD, the token I was holding went down 90% in 4 minutes."

Community Panic Holds

After hearing about FUD that may or may not be true because no one can be bothered looking into it properly, one community has been forced to panic hold their tokens.

"I'm out at the moment and I've got no idea what the FUD is. So I'm going to sit here with my family in a state of permanent anxiety until I get home so I can find out if I'm bankrupt or not," said one holder.

"I'm at home, I just can't be bothered to find out what's going on. I asked in chat but the question got lost so I'm just sitting here," another holder commented.

"The last time there was FUD the token I was holding went down 90% in 4 minutes. Apparently, the dev went to the toilet and didn't pin a message in the Telegram group. Rookie mistake. The chat was closed but I could see the remnants of the token on Twitter... or X as they are calling it now or whatever."

The community patiently awaits someone who can be bothered to research what's going on so they can decide if they've been rugged or not.

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