Top 10 Ways To Soft FUD Your Investments In Telegram Chat

The moron's masterclass in staying poor - beginners welcome.

Top 10 Ways To Soft FUD Your Investments In Telegram Chat

Always start off your comment with "I'm not fudding but...".

1) Ask "Is the dev even here" once they've gone to sleep after being active all-day.

2) Request the price from the Telegram bot with /price after you know the price has gone down - just to make sure everyone knows.

3) If the price doesn't go up after a marketing effort, ask again "wen marketing."

4) If you want to leave the group but stay invested, instead of leaving, use the /kickme command in chat.

5) On quiet days, declare the project dead in a nice way "Well it was a good effort, this really could have gone somewhere... shame."

6) Always ask why the price is going down, this fills other investors with confidence and raises morale.

7) Tell everyone how much you're down after you aped the top with all the Eth you had. Mention this several times throughout the day - it's your excuse to be mad and you better tell everyone.

8) Complain about the lack of community activity on Twitter, only do this if you've contributed absolutely nothing yourself.

9) Request the dev to do something about the price despite having done nothing yourself.

10) Ask why the token isn't performing as well as X token, thereby soft-shilling another token.

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